Power Belt And Waist Trainer Black

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Note  -How To Wash Your Waist Trainer- :
1. Never machine-wash your waist trainer

Most waist trainers contains latex. Machine washing your latex waist trainer will make the latex melt, it will also be damaged by the chemicals used when machine washing.

2. Let it dry for 2-4 hours

Due to the fact that latex is a natural product it will rot if it isn’t being dried properly before usage. Water will also destroy and discolor the latex.

3. Don’t use a sponge

Using a sponge to scrub your latex waist trainer will damage it. Use a soft towel instead.

How to do it properly

Get a bowl of hot water, soft soap (shampoo works good) and a towel. Put a small amount of water and soap on your towel and softly rub the towel against the latex. Once you got every part of your waist trainer washed it is
important that you put it up to dry. To fasten the drying process use a dry towel to wipe the majority of water off, use some baby powder or your hairdryer on the lightest setting.





Your Waist Size

Power Belt size
23-24" 60-62 cm X Small
25-26" 63-68 cm Small
27-28" 69-73 cm Medium
29-30" 74-78 cm Large
31-32" 79-83 cm X Large
33-34" 84-88 cm XX Large